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I still voice act, though I barely check newgrounds.

If you would like me to be apart of your project I suggest either contacting me through email at, or adding me on skype via theultimateyoshi.

Thank you for your time.

Once again if you contact via newgrounds chances are I won't see it in time for it to matter

I can voice again

2012-06-27 02:06:01 by Theultimateyoshi

allergies, blah blah, more stuff got in the way, anway I'm good and ready to go again, and I'm thinking of making a new voice demo finally as well

Fever of Badness

2012-05-05 09:18:05 by Theultimateyoshi

Please refrain from sending any voice acting request until further notice, i've come down with a bad fever and can barely speak

Thank you, and hopefully I'll be able to voice again sooner then later

At some point in time...

2012-02-19 12:29:52 by Theultimateyoshi

I plan on making a new voice demo, once I get around to it and decide what I want to do.

Gotta decide which voices to throw into it and what not

So why would I want to update my voice demo?

Because it's from 2010...need a fresh newer one


2011-07-24 21:32:26 by Theultimateyoshi


I'm back...

2011-07-14 23:16:13 by Theultimateyoshi

and ready to voice for anyone who ask (as long as I can do the voice that is)

Vacation Notice

2011-06-21 11:25:38 by Theultimateyoshi

I'm going on vacation tomorrow morning at 8am, it will last for 2 weeks, and I may or may not be able to get on the internet on my Ipod.

However I will not be able to do any voicing for anyone until I get home.

-F XLR to M XLR cable
- Pop Catcher
- XLR to USB Cable
- Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition
- Reincarnation Plush
- $25 gift card to gamestop
- A Newgrounds Mystery Box (yes that was an early birthday present)
- Mario Chess
- Mario Yatzee
- Nintendo Monopoly
- Portal 2 [PC]
- Mario Kart Advance [gba] (Japanese Import Version)
- The Official Valve Headcrab hat
- Money

Big 17

And everyone at school forgot, except for my friend Eric

it really shows how much people care about you, even my so called best friend forgot, they were all focused on his birthday this sunday, no no, not mine today, I'm obviously worth crap to everyone, so screw them.

Well here is to yet another terrible birthday! Don't think it can top last year's shittyness though...

I didn't get a weapon, this isn't Call of Duty!

Anyway, behold, here is what I got in my mystery box, with a rough price estimate near them to show you the true value of this $15 box:

Half A box of Nips - $3
A Polaroid of FBI Polox Holding Some Japanese key-chain -
Said small Japanese Key chain (I pressed it many times, makes silly little sounds) - $2?
A Sealed Copy of Defcon: Everybody Dies (PC) - $20
A Sealed Copy of Snow Snow for Lucy (DVD) - $10 - $20
Newgrounds Logo Shirt XXL - $20
1 Newgrounds Monkey Charm Thing - $5
2 Cheap Cardboard Food Trays (most likely used) - uh...ya
1 Piece of Tinsel - I'll just group it together with the above and say it's 5 dollars in worth...
Hotel For Dogs McDonald's Happy Meal Toy - $2
Obligatory stickers, post card, patch, situations, and Invoice - $3 - $5

Sorry i forgot to included the postcard in the picture

So was it worth the $15?

Hell ya, got myself a new cpu game, and shirt that will drag on the ground behind me (won't be wearing it outside without wearing a fat suit underneath =P

And hey it's roughly $60 to $80 give or take a few bucks for the price of $15, completely worth it.

What Weapon DId I Get In My Mystery Box? (Newgrounds Mystery Box)